*AT WORLDS END *is a campaign setting set in the near future of fantasy gaming. There are no pistol weilding detectives or submarines, but there are airships and wand totting watchmen.

Great city-states rule in place of kingdoms and empires. Magic is a tool. Like the sword and is mastered by all who can afford it. Professional Wizards are the journey men and masters of their trade with nearly every rich aristrocate dabbling in the ARTs as well.

Farmland and cash crops extend out into the horizen being worked ever diligently by the servent and slave castes.

Guilded and other free tradesmen labor through out the day making goods for the venders of the Market district. Fantastic warehouses and factories line the streets of the Guild Quarter all the way up to the Aerodome.

The Vault lies near the center of the city. Keeping track of all the money in the State as well as its investors, the Vault arguably houses more wealth than the Queen’s own coffers.

In the Tomb quarter the dead are not cremated or washed out to sea, they are saved and venerated. Mile deep catacombs serve the Silent district well. In times of great need the corpse of the ancients are awakened to do battle and keep the city safe.